Our mission is to build and provide online web-based solutions in a timely and precise manner focused on fulfilling the B2B and B2C needs of businesses across vertical markets.

James Song


While completing his degree at Northwestern University, Mr. James Song's career began when he accepted a part-time position at a startup marketing company. The company's focus was on the delivery of real time data from thousands of retail stores from multiple chains throughout the country. At the time such services were unique. After graduating, he was offered a position.

Almost two years later, he left and joined another startup situation; at the time a small Chicago based consulting company. Since then the consulting group has grown nationwide and has become one of the leading Internet consulting services. In joining the Chicago Internet group early on, his contributions included nurturing a methodology from its infancy to its maturity by enhancing the methodology's capabilities in order to quickly design and implement web-based applications in a precise and timely manner. Other initial responsibilities involved the management of projects ranging from firewall security to TCP/IP networking, backend driven web-based applications, design and mentoring others in the methodology.

Two and a half years later, Deloitte Consulting's E-commerce Service Line sought out his services and he stayed with them as a senior consultant for a year and a half. He, then, accepted a Director of System Implementation position at a small Chicago based telecommunication company where he gained valuable experience.

Currently, he is focused on JSO Solutions, Inc., a privately held company focused on delivering dynamic web-based solutions in a timely and precise manner.